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Show Synopsis

Beautiful images are manipulated by lights and shadows, and various silhouettes of animals are woven up by acrobatic hands. Surely, everyone has a memory of playing with “hand shadow” at least once. Yet, we have advanced and developed the hand shadows into a higher performative technique. We, KAKASHIZA present the piece named “Hand Shadow Show” In this Show, hand shadow animals portray a loving story full of humor. You may be surprised by the fact that the animals are consisted by only performers’ bare hands and bodies.

Program Example
We can arrange the program depending on the events or the festivals.

1. Opening
2. The Dancing Animals
3. Japanese Traditional Shadow-Play
4. Let’s Try Hand Shadow!! (Interactive sequence inviting audience participation )
5. The Ugly Duckling (by Hans Christian Andersen)
6. Pen-Ta & Pen-ko (The Story of Dreaming Penguin)
7. Gorilla’s Love Story

Total Duration : 60 min.


Hand Shadow

Making silhouettes of animals with hands is a form of play everyone remembers doing at least once in their childhood.
KAKASHIZA has been developing this traditional play and turned it into a fantastic entertainment show.
Our repertoire has more than a hundred hand shadows that consists of traditional and new (original works).
Hand shadow has an ultimate potential with a simple material, human hands. It attracts attention increasingly from not only Japan but also from the world.


Stage Type : Proscenium, Black Box Stage Sizes : W 7 m x D 7 m x H 7.5m (minimum: W 5m x D 5m x H 5.5m) Number of Spectators : approx.200 ~ 500 (depends on a venue) NOTE: We need the stage to be completely dark. If the venue is outdoor, the show must start after sunset. Please see the technical rider for further information.

4820-1 Minamiyamata-cho Tsuzuki-ku, Yokohama 224-0026,
Tel: +81-45-592-8111 / Fax: +81-45-592-8458
E-mail. contact@kakashiza.co.jp
Web. www.kakashiza.co.jp